Better not borrow! Do not go on vacation, do not buy a car and live with your mother

As many as 11 Ferrari and only 2 Maserati were bought by Poles in 2012. Buyers’ tastes tend to change like the indices of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, so the fate of premium car sellers changed last year. In 2013, Maserati sales in Poland jumped seven times and equaled with Ferrari.

However, Lamborghini continues in a noble pose of inaccessibility – in recent years, only one piece was sold in Poland. Let’s just add that the cheapest Maserati is an expense exceeding 300,000. PLN, and the inexpensive Ferrari from the lower shelf will reduce our portfolio by about 900 thousand. zł …

Is this a yacht? We can afford it …

Is this a yacht? We can afford it ...

A car is not everything necessary for life, so let’s take a look at yachts. For several years, the number of yachts registered in Poland has remained stable (over 1,000 units per year). Sellers signal that customers are more and more angry. They do not want crappy boats – they even demand over 10-meter, luxuriously equipped units.

The client pays, the client requires, and the consulting company KPMG (prepares reports on consumer behavior on the luxury goods market) predicts a systematic increase in the value of zlotys, Swiss watches, Italian 400-horse-high cars and drinks sold in our country, the price of which can be intoxicating alcohol in them …

Poor Pole rich in loans

Poor Pole rich in loans

Let’s get down to earth. Apparently, half of Poles do not have any savings, and the remaining – slightly better paid – to enjoy life in a moderate way, they have to make use of credit. The MillwardBrown research institute conducted a survey commissioned by the National Debt Register, which showed black and white that almost 50 percent. compatriots up to the age of 35 have used a loan or at least once. Such declarations are made primarily by women, but it is they who – to put it mildly – seem more resolute. There is no need for hard-going loans on such purchases – all you need is a decent account with an appropriate limit (for today, even the ING offer is interesting).

By the way, these studies have allayed doubts about the dangers of using money. The average debt of young households requires repayment of a monthly installment of up to PLN 700. This amount is not an unbearable burden for most of the respondents, and – with reasonable care – it is rarely a cause of trouble. As a warning, let us remind you that the most indebted Pole (who has been the star of debt reports prepared by one of the Economic Information Bureaus for several years) lives in Mazovia, he has been misplaced by unsuccessful investments and has over PLN 115 million of outstanding debt. His sad story does not discourage Poles from taking loans in the least.

Almost half (research from the beginning of this year) declare that they are already paying back the loan (they should be interested in the offer of consolidation).

There is also a large group of those who intend to get into debt soon

There is also a large group of those who intend to get into debt soon

Of course not on Ferrari and Maserati, but most often on refrigerators, washing machines and TV sets; for apartment renovation, car purchase and vacation financing.

Especially younger consumers – brought up in the realities of the free market – have no fear of borrowing money. Only ¼ of young people declare that they “don’t like loans”. Someone signed the nickname “Millioner_z_Radomia” explained in an online discussion that he does not get into debt because buying it is disgusting. So let’s not borrow, go on vacation or buy a car. Maybe live with my mother …