Credit spiral – how to go out! Fourth way

Many Polish families are in a similar situation. Some even earn quite well, but they are only one small step away from the financial catastrophe.

As long as the money reaches the account, everything seems fine. In the case of larger, unexpected expenses, just reduce consumption a little and you can somehow go to zero. Sometimes you have to “take” some credit or loan, because the budget does not close – and you have to eat and you can not forget about fees.

Do you live like that?


Do you know that in such a situation it is enough that your income drops by a dozen or so percent, and you will immediately feel the loop of increasing DEBT, tightening on your finances? And when you stop making money at all (job loss, protracted illness, accident …), it’s very fast … 

you will get troublesome troubles

What I mean?

  • not enough money for current expenses;
  • delays in paying bills;
  • growing arrears in different areas;
  • additional expenses incurred due to reminders, interest or enforcement proceedings.

Then what?

Then what?

You get stressed, blocking normal (rational) thinking, as a result of which you make wrong decisions that overwhelm you even more … And besides, your self-esteem decreases to zero …


This is just a SYMPTOM OF THE DISEASE, its effect … The real cause of financial problems is not losing your job, it is not an economic situation, nor are it unpleasant random events.

Why a financial advisor
didn’t he want to give a loan?

Because he knew that this would not solve the real problem, but only ease its symptoms for a short time. They knew Piotr from the time when he was doing well. And that’s why he decided to offer him …